What We Make

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Residential Energy Storage
Energy Monitoring and Control
Off-Grid Energy
Commercial Industrial and Grid Energy Storage
Energy Testing

Residential Energy Storage Solutions

Prime Hybrid Energy Inverter

Hybrid Inverter

3.6kW / 5kW
G59 / G83,SAA Certified
CEC Listed

Prime Hybrid Energy LiFePO4 Battery

Li-ion Batteries

2.5kWh / 5kWh* / 10kWh
80% DOD, *25MWh throughput

Hybrid Solution

The Benefits Of Our  Systems

Direct Meter Communication

We can customise to meet most meter protocols on request, we have a team of dedicated developers ready for any request this enhances the accuracy of DSR.

Remote Discharge Ability (VPP)

We can discharge remotely when requested and act as a VPP in localised area. We achieve this by combining our hybrid inverter with our intelligent software platform.

Controllable Export

We output a 50/60Hz pure sine wave, which is good for all electronic devices. We can also output reactive and active power upon request.

Bespoke Software Solutions

We have the control logic and monitoring platform that we believe to be the best on the market, we spend thousands of hours speaking with our clients to improve each version and allow us the greatest flexibility. This affords us the time to research and develop the best outcomes for our clients. Please feel free to look at our monitoring and control portal.

Commercial, Industrial   &  

TSU  (Terminal Support Unit)

TSU is designed specifically to fit in the grid at around the end of the power line,
it is primarily aimed at high load consumers,
to help allow a minimised disruptive load at the >11KVa
(such as supermarkets and small/mid industrial)

10 foot shipping container

10 Foot Container TSU
250kW / 250kWh

20 foot shipping container

20 Foot Container TSU
500kW / 500kwH

40 foot shipping container

40 Foot Container TSU
1MW / 1.25MWh